Revision Bariatric Surgery

revision-bariatric-surgeryIdeally, every bariatric surgery procedure would cause rapid, long-term weight loss. At Stafford Surgical Specialists, we have a long track record of patients who won the fight against obesity and now enjoy a happier and healthier life. However, the reality is that some patients do not achieve their weight loss goals.

In these cases, revision bariatric surgery is an option. Stafford Surgical Specialists is the go-to team for patients seeking revision bariatric surgery. If you have not achieved or maintained the weight loss that you desire, we can help. We understand how frustrated you feel, and we are here to listen to your concerns. Our experienced surgeons can put you back on track to your goals.

How We Can Help

The first step is to understand why you did not achieve or maintain your weight loss goal. Our surgeons will identify the complication or roadblock. Perhaps you developed a post-operative complication, or you lost weight but gained it back. Sometimes switching procedure types or combining weight loss surgical techniques may provide the answer.

After identifying what went wrong, our surgeons will design a creative solution to correct the problem. We always focus on laparoscopic surgery techniques whenever medically possible, because laparoscopic techniques reduce the risks of surgery and lead to shorter recovery times.

Revision Surgery Options

revision-surgery-Our surgeons consider revision surgery on a case-by-case basis. The approach that we take to your revision surgery depends on the initial weight loss procedure and what went wrong.

If you had weight loss surgery years ago with a technique that is now outdated (e.g., older model gastric bands or open gastric bypass), we can remove or change the device, or convert to a safer and more effective procedure.

We will provide further details upon consultation, after we know more about you and your individual needs.

Comprehensive Support throughout Your Experience

We have a team in place to educate and support you throughout your revision bariatric surgery experience. You will have access to resources that can help you deal with the physical and emotional changes you will face after surgery. We can also put you in contact with other weight loss surgery patients that have had similar journeys, so you can learn from their experiences.

To learn more about revision bariatric surgery, please contact Stafford Surgical Specialists today and book an appointment with our team.