Holiday Eating Tips

April 26, 2011


Meal preparation for the holidays are full of tradition, but laden with fat & sugar. After days of celebration with our holiday favorites, we tend to find we’ve picked up a few extra pounds… You can enjoy Passover & Easter without having to compromise the foods and traditions you love. With proper portion control and tweaks to your favorite recipes, celebrating can be delicious and healthy.


  • Stay Focused On Your Nutrition Plan
  • Stay Clear of Sweets and Sugars
  • Portion Control
  • Sit Down, Eat Slowly and Enjoy
  • Stop when you feel full
  • Don’t forget to get adequate fluids each day
  • Focus your activities away from food
  • Socialize

Remember, the holidays are also about forgiveness. If you do end up overindulging, give yourself a break. Get right back on track the following day by recommitting to healthy eating and regular exercise.