FDA Approves Lower BMI for LapBand Surgery

April 4, 2011

FDA Panel Approves Lower BMI for Lap-Band


On Wednesday, February 23, Allergan announced that the full panel of the FDA had approved the expanded use of the LAP-BAND for patients with Class I obesity (Body Mass Index of 30-35) with one co-morbid condition.  The ASMBS presented evidence to the panel in December on the serious consequences of obesity which begin at a BMI of 30, including increased risk of early death and the development of serious medical problems associated with obesity including type 2 diabetes.


The FDA’s approval to lower BMI for Lap-Band provides people with health issues due to their weight an additional option to better their health.  “The surgeons at Stafford Surgical realize that even with lower BMIs serious weight related health issues occur.  We are looking forward to taking advantage of this change by helping patients with lower BMIs cure sleep apnea, diabetes, and hypertension through Lap-Band surgery,” said Dr. Karl Strom, Medical Director of Stafford Surgical Specialists.