Meet Our Staff

Kathleen Flood RN, CCRN – Bariatric Program Coordinator
Kathleen Kathy has over 20 years experience caring for surgical patients. Her role is to oversee a comprehensive multidisciplinary team and to ensure that the Bariatric Program operates smoothly and safely. She is a resource of information throughout the pre and postoperative process and is available to answer any questions related to care and treatment. If you are having difficulty resolving any issue to your satisfaction, please do not hesitate to contact the Bariatric Program Coordinator. We strive to exceed your expectations!
Jennifer Taglieri – Insurance Coordinator
Jennifer works closely with our patients to help them understand their benefits for bariatric surgery. With her vast knowledge of insurance company criteria, she is able to ensure that all pertinent information is gathered and submitted to each insurance company to approve each procedure. Her goal is to make this part of our program less difficult, and to assist our patients in their progression towards surgery.
Christine McCann – Medical Assistant and General Surgery Coordinator
Christine Christine is the Medical Assistant and General Surgery Coordinator. She joined our team in May of 2009 after 11 years of working in a wide diversity of clinic settings. She assists our physicians with gastric band adjustments and the patient’s ongoing care as well as data entry for our database. Christine coordinates the scheduling of general surgeries as well as assisting the patients as they prepare for surgery.
Tina Moroz – Receptionist
Tina greets patients at the front desk in her own, inimitable way. She makes appointments, assists with chart management, answers phones and ensures that every patient is treated with first class service.
Colleen Lewis, RN – Bariatric Registered Nurse
Colleen Colleen joined the team in August 2009 following eight years experience as a Medical-Surgical nurse at Southern Ocean County Hospital. She is an integral part of the multidisciplinary team and is instrumental in preparing patients for surgery. She assists patients as they enter the program providing education through each step of the surgical process. She is a resource of information regarding the procedures and will answer any questions you have before and after the surgery.
Suzanne DiStefano RD – Dietitian
Suzanne Good Nutrition is essential to maximize not only your weight loss, but your health, vitality and sense of well being.Patients must dramatically alter their eating habits and lifestyle to achieve meaningful and sustainable weight loss. Our staff of Registered Dietitians have extensive nutrition background and expertise in weight loss surgery.  They are available to provide you with on-going, individualize support and education to guide you through this exciting period in your life.